Quick Answer: What If Sasuke Had The Ten Tails?

What if Sasuke was a jinchuuriki?

With him being a Jinchuriki, he would probably pay more attention to the Sharingan’s ability to control the tailed beast too.

He would probably end up getting something like KCM with much less trouble than Naruto had.

Assuming extreme luck, Naruto and co.

survive Nagato and KCM EMS Sasuke runs into Itachi..

Is the Nine Tails stronger than the ten tails?

As 10 Tails is the Original Pure form of evil, natural energy and the combination of all the scattered nine tailed beasts, it is much more powerful than that of Kurama-9 Tail Fox. However, 10 Tails is unstable, but 9 Tail Fox- Kurama has its senses working and is controllable.

Does Kurama hate Sasuke?

He hates Uchiha clan because of what happened years ago specially with Madara but it doesn’t mean that he hates Sasuke. As I’ve remembered, during Naruto-Sasuke battle, Kurama told Sasuke not to kill Naruto because he will regret it. … He doesn’t hate him, he fears him because the uchiha can manipulate him.

Who has the 10 tailed beast?

Shinju is the Ten-Tailed Tree. It’s Jinchūriki have been Hagoromo, Obito and Madara. After being given power by the Sage of Six Paths, Naruto received a little share of each Tailed Beasts’ chakra inside of him.

Can Naruto beat Sasuke without Kurama?

Naruto without Kurama isn’t as powerful as Naruto with Kurama, obviously. But the Gap in power isn’t as extensive as you might believe, and Naruto certainly is still one of the most powerful shinobi even without Nine-Tails Chakra. TLDR: Naruto isn’t ‘nothing’ without Kurama, and he and Sasuke would still be equals.

How did Sasuke suppress the Nine Tails?

The Nine Tails is a bodybuilder, in a straitjacket, with his head and torso strapped to a chair. The head restraint breaks, so he can shake his head a bit. Sasuke walks into the room and pushes his head back.

What is the strongest demon in Naruto?

Naruto: The 10 Strongest Jinchūriki In The Series, Ranked1 Hagoromo Otsutsuki. Hagoromo Otsutsuki is arguably the strongest character in the entire Naruto series.2 Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto Uzumaki was made into a jinchūriki by his father just moments after he was born. … 3 Madara Uchiha. … 4 Obito Uchiha. … 5 Minato Namikaze. … 6 Killer Bee. … 7 Yagura Karatachi. … 8 Gaara. … More items…•

Why did Kurama say don’t kill Naruto?

Jedishinobi. In chapter 309 when Sauske appears inside naruto and talks with the nine tails, after madara is mentioned sauske makes the fox disappear, but the fox then tells sauske not to kill naruto because he will regret it. was the fox just trying to save himself or was this meant to foreshadow somthing greater.

Is there a 10 tails in Naruto?

The Ten-Tailed Beast (most commonly) or sometimes called the Juubi, or better known as the Shinju (meaning God-Tree) is a gigantic god of unfathomable power from the Naruto franchise. … The Ten-Tails is the original form of all the nine-tailed beasts prior to its separation by the Sage of the Six Paths.

What if Sasuke had the Nine Tails?

In the Uchiha Clan coupe, Sasuke will be their weapon of chaos. … So, if Sasuke has power of Kurama(Nine tails), then he might awaken the Rinnegan.. More over, for an uchiha, Sharingan or Rinnegan whatever it is, uses a lot of chakra..

Who killed ten tails?

Naruto and Sasuke DEFEAT Ten Tails Jinchuriki OBITO (they save the world..)

Who is the strongest Uchiha?

Naruto: Top 15 Strongest Uchiha Clan Members1 Sasuke Uchiha. Finishing at the top of the list is Sasuke Uchiha.2 Madara Uchiha. Madara Uchiha was the leader of the Uchiha Clan during the Warring States Period. … 3 Obito Uchiha. … 4 Indra Otsutsuki. … 5 Itachi Uchiha. … 6 Shin Uchiha. … 7 Shisui Uchiha. … 8 Sakura Uchiha. … More items…•