Quick Answer: What Are Some Basic Elements Of An Explosive Train?

What is the correct order of components in a high explosive train?

The high-explosive train is usually composed of a detonator, booster, and main charge..

What type of explosive is used in missiles?

Fuel Air ExplosiveCurrently only one conventional pure-blast warhead is in use, the Fuel Air Explosive (FAE). Of course, all nuclear warheads are blast warheads, and on most targets they would be detonated at altitude to make use of the Mach Stem effect. 13.4.

What are the types of explosives?

Explosive, any substance or device that can be made to produce a volume of rapidly expanding gas in an extremely brief period. There are three fundamental types: mechanical, nuclear, and chemical. A mechanical explosive is one that depends on a physical reaction, such as overloading a container with compressed air.

What is high explosive?

High explosives (HE) are explosive materials that detonate, meaning that the explosive shock front passes through the material at a supersonic speed. High explosives detonate with explosive velocity of about 3–9 kilometres per second (9,800–29,500 ft/s).

What is permitted explosive?

Permitted explosives and detonators are explosive products which are approved by. Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS) for use in underground coal mines where there. is likely presence of inflammable atmospheres of coal dust and firedamp.

What are the three main types of guidance systems?

Homing guidance methods are normally divided into three types:, active homing, semi-active homing, and passive homing (fig. 1-21).

What are the three parts of a low explosive?

Low explosive traina primer consisting of a small amount of primary high explosive which initiates the explosive train.an igniter which is initiated by the primer and creates a flame that ignites the propellant.a propellant consisting of a secondary low explosive that emits a large amount of gas as it deflagrates.

What are the 3 categories of high explosives?

High explosives are divided into three main categories, Primary (or Initiating) High Explosives, Secondary High Explosives, Boosters and Secondary High Explosives, Main Charge. As with many of the terms associated with explosions, there is also other terms that describe combustion explosions, “Deflagration Explosion”.

What are the two major types of energetic materials?

Explosives and energetic materials include propellants, fuel/oxidizer mixtures that move objects via chemical reactions. There are two basic types of products: liquid propellants and solid propellants.

What are 2 types of high explosives?

two types: (1) detonating, or high, explosives and (2) deflagrating, or low, explosives.

How many types of missiles are there?

five typesThere are five types, air-to-air, air-to-surface, surface-to-air, antiship, and antitank, or assault. Ballistic missiles are most often categorized as short-range, medium-range, intermediate-range, and intercontinental ballistic missiles (SRBMs, MRBMs, IRBMs, and ICBMs).

What is the most explosive element?


What is the difference between a high explosive and a low explosive?

Low explosives are mixtures of chemicals that burn very rapidly, but subsonically (as opposed to supersonically), meaning that they “deflagrate.” They consist typically of fuel and an oxidizer. … High explosives consist of materials that typically combine the reacting elements in the same molecule.

What is the strongest explosive?

One of the most powerful explosive chemicals known to us is PETN, which contains nitro groups which are similar to that in TNT and the nitroglycerin in dynamite. But the presence of more of these nitro groups means it explodes with more power.

Which country has the best missile technology?

North Korea is among a number of countries that have been working to improve the accuracy and range of their missiles.Israel.India.Saudi Arabia.Iran.Pakistan.South Korea.Taiwan.

What are HC 1 hazards?

Hazmat Class 1 are Explosive materials, which are any substance or article, including a device, which is designed to function by explosion or which, by chemical reaction within itself is able to function in a similar manner even if not designed to function by explosion.

What is an SOP Ammo 18?

-Qualification. -Records. -Training. What is an SOP? Set of procedures for maintaining a steady supply of explosives and ammunition.

What is Emulex explosive?

Emulex is explosive material that is a sensitive emulsion explosive with a greyish-yellow paste like texture wrapped in plastic film or rigid paper tube cartridges. It is used in rock blasting in quarry.