Quick Answer: Is The Byakugan Stronger Than The Sharingan?

Can the byakugan evolve?

The byakugan can evolve he wever into the tenseigan, which exhibits similar abilities to the rinnegan, such as attractive and repulsive forces and truthseeker balls..

Is Hyuga stronger than Uchiha?

The Hyuga became the strongest after the Uchiha were wiped out. I mean, the Senju and Uchiha were considered the two most powerful clans, so obviously the Hyuga were weaker. So it’s reasonable to assume the Uchiha were stronger, but the Hyuga were definitely a close second.

Who has the strongest byakugan?

Hinata HyūgaIf you are judging from the strongest of the current time/of all times, Hinata Hyūga probably is the strongest of Hyūga clan. Despite the lack of her combat-intense scenes and prowess exhibition, she showed that she is able to hold her own against powerful enemies, such as Pein, albeit losing at the end.

Does Tenten have a rinnegan?

The answer is no, she doesn’t have it, but the picture above is legit. This happened after madara casted the infinite tsukuyomi and everyone who got affected by it “got” the rinnegan. Only Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi and those edo tensei hokage who weren’t affected by it, that’s why the didn’t “got” the rinnegan.

Can rinnegan users fly?

No, at least not pior of achieving Six Paths Senjutsu. Canonically, the Rinnegan alone doesn’t grant you the ability to fly or levitate. Hovering shortly in one location is the closest thing it came to it when Pain used Shinra Tensei. … Deva Path, Nagato and Madara all were seen flying/levitating.

Who is the strongest Uzumaki?

Naruto UzumakiStrongest member of Uzumaki Clan is Naruto Uzumaki, now 7th Hokage. He saved the world from Madara and Kaguya and brought peace to the ninja world. He is also strongest ninja alive. Other known members are Mito, Nagato, Kushina, Boruto and Himawari.

Why does Sasuke hide his rinnegan?

He was only able to handle one of them since he did not awaken them. As for Madara and Sasuke. Madara obtained his rinnegan prior to his death, so he could switch between sharingan and rinnegan. … Sasuke raised his left hand, which is why his rinnegan is in hid left eye.

What is the strongest eye in Naruto?

RinneganRinnegan Rinnegan is the strongest eye from “Three Great Dojutsu”. Rinnegan is a rare power that only appears when someone receives chakra from the Otsutsuki Clan or their descendants or by combining Sharingan with Hashirama Cell.

What is wrong with Hinata’s eyes?

Although that can be attributed to her possessing Byakugan, a white-eye trait that members of Hyūga clan possess. Two things that seem implausible, first, Hinata had a bigger role in raising kids, shouldn’t Himawari have taken after her.

Who is the best byakugan user?

Toneri then succeeded in unlocking the Tenseigan which is the equivalent of Rinnegan! Kaguya and Urashiki also showed a great use during their fighting scene! Kinshiki, Neji, Hinata and Hanabi are also qualified Byakugan users!

What is the weakest eye in Naruto?

Naruto: 5 Strongest Kekkei Genkai (& 5 Weakest)1 Weakest: Ketsuryugan. Said to hold powers comparable to the Three Great Dojutsu, the Ketsuryugan is a Kekkei Genkai of the Chinoike Clan.2 Strongest: Rinnegan. … 3 Weakest: Explosion Release. … 4 Strongest: Jougan. … 5 Weakest: Ice Release. … 6 Strongest: Wood Release. … 7 Weakest: Magnet Release. … 8 Strongest: Tenseigan. … More items…•

Why does Naruto’s eyes turn yellow?

This only happens when Naruto gets taken over by his emotions. … Kyuubi said this happened before when Naruto was in Sage Mode when he was talking with Nagato. He said that he was so mad some of his chakra “accidentally spilt”, so his eyes were mixed in with the Sage Mode in Naruto’s eyes.