Question: Who Are The 5 Dragon Gods?

Who is stronger Natsu or Gray?

Natsu has more brute power while Gray is smarter.

Devil slayer magic is useless unless Natsu transforms into E.N.D, so the battle will be between ice magic and dragon slayer magic.

While Gray’s magic is very versatile, it’s not very powerful.

Gray would be fighting base Natsu evenly or he might even be winning..

Why did Natsu leave Lucy?

Natsu did nothing in comparison. Basically, It was necessary to gain Fire Dragon King Mode, which is what he was betting on to defeat Zeref. Therefore, he left Lucy to ultimately protect her. Having matured throughout the series, he realizes that having her with him would serve as a distraction.

Is Acnologia stronger than Natsu?

The most powerful was when Natsu fought Mecruphobia after eating Ignia’s flames, the second being when he fought Animus and the least powerful was when he fought Gray. … So, as of now it is debatable whether or not a full power END is stronger than Acnologia but from what we have seen of his powers so far, it is a no.

Who defeats laxus?

NatsuSmiling at his fellow Dragon Slayer, Natsu tells Gajeel that he thought that the sky didn’t have enough room for two Dragons; Gajeel replies that there isn’t, but with all the lightning crashing down he can’t do as he pleases. With this, Natsu and Gajeel form their alliance with only one goal in mind: defeat Laxus.

Who killed Natsu?

As it turns out, Natsu died as a child, and Zeref went dark side trying to revive his brother. For those unaware of the ordeal, Zeref and Natsu grew up as brothers about 400 years ago in canon. They lived quietly in a small village with their parents, but a wayward dragon attacked the town when Natsu was little.

What’s a female dragon called?

drakainaIn Greek mythology, a drakaina (Ancient Greek: δράκαινα) is a female serpent or dragon, sometimes with humanlike features.

Can Natsu beat Naruto?

Natsu would probably beat Base Naruto as they are about equal in strength, but anything past Sage Mode Naruto, and he’s toast. (He might be able to fight with Sage Mode Naruto equally). So Naruto wins by a huge Margin.

Is Rogue gajeel’s brother?

According to the Fairy Tail wiki, Rogue is also Gajeels sworn younger brother but the wiki doesn’t say how it got this info about the brother. From the wiki: … During his time in Phantom Lord, a young man named Rogue Cheney, known as Ryos, was Gajeel’s sworn younger brother.

Who all died in fairy tail?

Who Dies In Fairy Tail? Every Death, Ranked By Sadness3 August.4 Zeref & Mavis. … 5 Silver Fullbuster. … 6 Ur. … 7 Irene. … 8 Makarov. … 9 Hades. … 10 God Serena. Not all deaths are meant to bring forth tears to the eyes of fans, and God Serena’s demise is one no one will lose sleep over. … More items…•

Who is the god of dragons?

BahamutBahamut is a child of the dragon god Io. He is also referred to as the God of Dragons or the Lord of the North Wind. In many campaign settings, the draconic pantheon of gods consists of the leader Io, and his children Aasterinian, Bahamut, Chronepsis, Faluzure, Sardior, and Tiamat.

What are famous dragon names?

10 Most Notable Dragons in Popular CultureShenron. Appears in: Dragon Ball. … Dragonite. Appears in: Pokemon. … Smaug. Appears in: The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings. … Viserion. Appears in: Game of Thrones. … Haku. Appears in: Spirited Away. … King Ghidorah. Appears in: Godzilla. … Toothless. Appears in: How to Train Your Dragon. … Mushu.More items…•

Can Natsu turn into a dragon?

Natsu will no longer become a full Dragon. In order to for a Dragon Slayer to transform into a dragon as in the case of Acnologia, a Dragon Seed must first develop inside the body of the Dragon Slayer which eventually turns them into a dragon. … This is the reason he can no longer transform into a dragon.

Is God Serena a dragon slayer?

God Serena is a major antagonist from the manga/anime series Fairy Tail. He is a Second Generation Dragon Slayer that serves as one of the top members of the Spriggan 12. … Upon being offered by Zeref to take down Acnologia, God Serena abandoned his homeland and joined the Alvarez Empire.

Who is jellal’s fiance?

Jellal never had a girlfriend. His love interest is Erza, but when he was about to kiss her, he lied that he had a fiance because he changed his mind last moment about kissing her(he wasn’t ready or something) and felt uncomfortable so close to Erza.

Who is stronger than Natsu?

Erza ScarletNatsu Dragneel is much stronger than Erza Scarlet. He beat 2 members of the Spriggan 12 wherein each member is comparable to the strongest mage of the Ten Wizard Saints, he beat those 2 without accessing Dragon Force.

Who are the 5 dragon gods in fairy tail?


Who is the strongest dragon god in fairy tail?

Fairy Tail: 5 Strongest (& 5 Weakest) Dragon Slayers8 WEAKEST: GOD SERENA. … 7 STRONGEST: LAXUS. … 6 WEAKEST: ROGUE. … 5 STRONGEST: NATSU. … 4 WEAKEST: STING. … 3 STRONGEST: IRENE BELSERION. … 2 WEAKEST: WENDY. … 1 STRONGEST: ACNOLOGIA. The most powerful Dragon Slayer of the original era that started the storylines we see today, Acnologia was a mage who forgot what it meant to be human.More items…•

Which zodiac sign is more powerful?

TaurusThe mighty Taurus is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and dominating signs of the zodiac. They know what they want and also know how to get it either by hook or crook.

Who is Natsu’s dad?

Natsu DragneelSpeciesHuman/EtheriousNotable relativesZeref Dragneel (brother) Igneel (adoptive father)GuildFairy TailMagicFire Dragon Slayer Magic7 more rows

Does Natsu marry Lucy?

At the end of the anime, Lucy confesses how much Natsu and Fairy Tail have influenced her and lobbed the ball up for Natsu to confess his love… which he drops. But the two still band together for the 100 Years Quest spinoff, so they still have the opportunity to revisit their relationship status.

Is NaLu confirmed?

“Hiro Mashima CONFIRMS NaLu is CANON!” #FairyTail author, #HiroMashima, confirms #Natsu x #Lucy during a Fairy Tail Q&A, and talks about his plans to make #NatsuDragneel and #LucyHeartfilia a couple in the future!

Does Lucy get all 12 keys?

There are a large number of Silver Keys, but there are only 12 Gold Keys, each of them being related to a specific astrological sign. So far, Lucy has obtained 10 Gold Keys and 5 Silver Keys, a considerable amount of Keys for a single Celestial Spirit Mage.

Is Natsu a dragon god slayer?

Natsu is the first known First generation Dragon Slayer to enter Dragon Force without consuming external sources. His Dragon Force is also strong enough to be able to burn off Zeref’s Ankhseram Black Magic that was being used to restrain him.

Is Natsu the strongest dragon slayer?

Natsu has beaten the stronger opponents as shown in the anime and manga. I would say Natsu is the strongest because he is E.N.D. The Demon Dragon hybrid meant to kill zeref.

How did Natsu died 400 years ago?

400 years ago, Natsu was born as the younger brother of Zeref, and they lived peacefully in a small village with their parents. However, Natsu died at a young age alongside their parents, courtesy of a Dragon attack.

Is Gildarts a copy of shanks?

Gildarts was inspired by Shanks. Mashima made him look like that because he is a fan of OP and the character Shanks. In OP, its the same reason why you can find Dragon Balls hidden throughout early chapters of One Piece.

Who is Lucy’s strongest spirit?

AquariusGold Keys. “The Water Bearer” Aquarius is a mermaid equipped with an urn. Lucy considered Aquarius her strongest Spirit, even after receiving Loke’s key.

What type of dragon is the strongest?

2 Ancient Gold Dragon In contrast with ancient red dragons, ancient gold dragons are the most powerful type of metallic dragon and wield the most strength of all dragons to appear in the Monster Manual.

What was Gildarts 100 year quest?

This quest was previously mentioned in the original when we first meet Guildarts. He was assigned the job by Master Makarov. When team Natsu leaves for the job they have no idea what they are in for. Basically they have to seal five dragon gods that are supposedly as strong or maybe even stronger than acnologia.

Is Dragon cry the 100 year quest?

No. Dragon Cry is a Fairy Tail movie. It’s events are most likely irrelevent to the rest of the series. However, you may want to watch the first seven seasons of the anime, as Dragon Cry is set somewhat close to the end, and probably contains spoilers.