Question: Can Paladins Be Evil?

Can you be an evil cleric?

As a Lawful Evil Cleric, the Gods they’re likely to worship are either Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil, or Neutral Evil.

One step away.

You could be an LE Cleric of Tiamat, the Goddess of Greed and Chromatic Dragons, and charge people extortionate amount of sums for your services..

Can a paladin be chaotic neutral?

There are certain classes in Dungeons and Dragons whose alignments are set in stone or less malleable; a paladin must always be lawful-good, for example. Any character class that essentially relies upon law and order cannot properly be chaotic-neutral.

Are Paladins religious?

A paladin was a holy crusader, sworn to an oath to promote and fight for their beliefs and values. As paragons of their beliefs, paladins were granted the ability to wield divine magic by deities or similar powers. So long as a paladin stayed true to their oath, they retained the ability to wield these powers.

What is an Oathbreaker Paladin?

An Oathbreaker is a paladin who breaks his or her sacred oaths to pursue some dark ambition or serve an evil power. Whatever light burned in the paladin’s heart has been extinguished. Only darkness remains. A paladin must be evil and at least 3rd level to become an Oathbreaker.

What is a Paladin Knight?

In the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Paladin is one of the base character classes. The Paladin is a holy knight, crusading in the name of good and order, and is a divine spell caster. … The Paladin is a champion of justice and destroyer of evil protected and strengthened by an array of divine powers.

What happens if a paladin breaks his oath?

When a paladin breaks their oath they lose their divine powers. These are things such as Divine Smite, Aura of Protection, Divine Health and so on. They can restore their power through penance and the Dungeon Master’s discretion.

Can a Paladin change oaths?

Tl;dr: the oathbreaker paladin is an example of in the DMG of a paladin ‘changing’ oaths. there is no rule that says you can’t let him change oaths, and even if there were the ‘dungeon master can do what s/he wants’ rule would supersede it.

Can you play an evil paladin?

As such, paladins are rarely evil (though, it must be noted, “rarely” does not mean “never”). A paladin who strays from the path of their oath can lose their powers, forcing the player to pick a new class, or they might need to seek absolution and redemption through a cleric following their same deity.

What is an evil paladin called?

If your paladins are basically holy warriors with priest like spells (in general following good gods), then your evil paladins could either have a generic name (Death Knight, Dark Knight, Anti-Paladin etc), or a name that focuses on the god they follow and get their spells from.

Do Paladins have to be good 5e?

While Paladins have traditionally been lawful good, 5e lets you choose any alignment for any character. If you want the traditional lawful good Paladin, take the Oath of Devotion. … In the Forgotten Realms, specifically, paladins don’t have an alignment restriction by default.

Does an Oathbreaker have to be evil?

An oathbreaker is a paladin who breaks their sacred oaths to pursue some dark ambition or serve an evil power. Whatever light burned in the paladin’s heart been extinguished. … Even the form of Channel Divinity: Control Undead needn’t be evil. The rest of the class features are based on fear and intimidation.

Can Paladins get married?

Paladins tend to be Lawful Good, an alignment that takes marriage as an institute rather seriously. … While it is rare for dragons to marry at all, if their feelings are sincere and mutual I do not expect Bahamut to object to such a marriage. Restrictions based on gender are all up to the DM and their setting.