In Which Form Oxygen Is Stable?

How does oxygen become stable?

Usually any atom needs 8 electrons in its outer orbit in order to stay stable.

But, the Oxygen atom has 6 electrons in its outer orbit.

So, it makes a bond with another oxygen atom and shares 2 electrons each and becomes stable..

Why is oxygen 15 unstable?

Oxygen-15 undergoes positron decay because it has too few neutrons for the number of protons. … Oxygen-15 has 7 neutrons and 8 protons. It is unstable because it is below the band of stability.

Who invented oxygen?

Joseph PriestleyAntoine LavoisierCarl Wilhelm ScheeleOxygen/Discoverers

How can oxygen achieve a stable octet?

The octet rule is the understanding that most atoms seek to gain stability in their outer most energy level by filling the s and p orbitals of the highest energy level with eight electrons. Oxygen has an electron configuration of 1s22s22p4 this means that oxygen has six valence electrons 2s22p4 .

Is oxygen stable or unstable?

The Element Oxygen — Oxygen Atom. Oxygen (“Octium”) is a chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol O and atomic number 8. The element is very common, found not only on Earth but throughout the universe. Molecular oxygen (O2) (often called free oxygen) on Earth is thermodynamically unstable.

What is unstable oxygen?

Oxygen-13 is an unstable isotope of oxygen. It consists of 8 protons and electrons, and 5 neutrons. … It decays to nitrogen-13 by electron capture, and has a decay energy of 17.765 MeV. Its parent nuclide is fluorine-14.

What are 3 isotopes of oxygen?

The element oxygen (O) is found in three naturally occurring stable isotopes, 18O, 17O, and 16O. The nucleus of each of these oxygen isotopes contains eight protons and either eight, nine, or ten neutrons, respectively.

What are 2 radioactive isotopes of oxygen?

There are several radioactive isotopes of oxygen but two examples would be oxygen-13 and oxygen-14.

Who named Oxygen?

Antoine-Laurent LavoisierIn 1775–80, French chemist Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier, with remarkable insight, interpreted the role of oxygen in respiration as well as combustion, discarding the phlogiston theory, which had been accepted up to that time; he noted its tendency to form acids by combining with many different substances and accordingly …

How do we know oxygen exists?

You can prove air exists by blowing up a balloon. By doing this, it proves that air has weight and air takes up space. Lastly, air is just made up of mainly nitrogen and oxygen. These things all prove that air exists.

Why is oxygen not stable?

Oxygen by itself doesn’t have enough electrons to be stable so it shares electrons with another oxygen atom. This creates diatomic oxygen molecules, each one consisting of two oxygen atoms sharing electrons with one another. … *octate rule states that for an atom to be stable its outer shell should have 8 electrons.

What is the difference between oxygen 16 and 18?

Chemical elements are found in different versions, called isotopes. Isotopes are elements that contain the same amount of protons, but differ in the number of neutrons in their nuclei. … Therefore, oxygen 16 has 8 protons and 8 neutrons, oxygen 17 has 8 protons and 9 neutrons, and oxygen 18 has 8 protons and 10 neutrons.

How many electrons does oxygen need to stable?

8 electronsAnswer Expert Verified In other words, an atom becomes stable when it has 8 electrons in its valence shell.

How many electrons does oxygen need to gain or lose to become stable?

two electronsFor example, oxygen atoms gain two electrons to form O2- ions. These have the same electron configuration as the noble gas neon. Elements in Group 14 could lose four, or gain four electrons to achieve a noble gas structure. In fact, if they are going to form ions, Group 14 elements form positive ions.